Whichever bike you select from our range of ready to be customised vintage bikes, that is just the start of the journey. We can swap, change and adapt the number of gears, the shifting mechanisms, swap racing drop handlebars for straight ones and change brakes and levers all to fit your needs, your requirements and your overall aesthetic. It's about finding the right blend of style and purpose.


We can switch a single speed to a geared bike, adapt an 18 geared mountain bike into a 6 speed commuter, swap old style downtube levers for modern gripshift and trigger shift gears and strip and refit 3 speed internal hubs.

Brakes & Wheels

Wheels are the foundation of your ride. For cruising something thick and comfortable is perfect. For short trips to the shops a mid-range tyre on a steel rim will give you years of comfort and reliabiity. For nimble urban commuting then a narrower tyre and lighter alloy rim is a must. Respoking wheels and replacing hubs: swapping thick rims for lighter ones: mixing light wheels with heavier tyres to cope with the rougher sections of urban riding can all bring a big difference to the way your bike rides. We will blend the best solution for you.


The handlebars don't just control the steering. They are your contact point with the road, you must have a firm control of them, but also be balanced and comfortable. The brake levers must be easy to reach and use. The handlebar grips must offer hours of comfort for your hands. We offer a range of components to adapt your bike to you perfectly.