Who We Are

About Us

Who am I?

I left London and my corporate lawyer-life in 2009, when the fixed gear scene and bicycle-mania was just starting to grip London. I cut my teeth there stripping and building bikes for myself, family and friends in the spare room of my tiny London flat. After settling in Cape Town and working for an NGO for 2 years, I decided to take the leap and follow my dream, to start my own bicycle business.

The journey since then has seen me formamlise my bicycle knowledge through training and continuous learning. I have also taught myself to spray paint which is the key to Ubuntu Bikes Boutique offering a fully customisable service, supported by a carefully curated range of quality accessories to round off our bespoke offering.

What do I do?

My absolute passion and mission is to help any client through a journey which starts with an image or an idea. I help make that idea grow and evolve into something real. My aim is to realise not only the aesthetic vision you have for a bicycle, but to ensure you get exactly the right machine for your needs. A bicycle is a machine with a mechanical purpose; but it is also a personally defining creation.

It is an accessory item which allows you to make a statement about who you are and what you want in life. Many people are happy to ride something mass-manufactured and purely for utility purposes. But if you want something with style, character and maybe even a heart, then an Ubuntu Bikes Boutique bicycle is the right ride for you!

Who do I do it for?

If you are an individual who wants to ride a bike but doesn't want lycra, doesn't need carbon fibre and certainly doesn't enjoy the overwhelming experience of walking into a 'bike shop' full of expensive race machines and staffed by pushy patronising 'experts' telling you want you need and upselling you something double your budget, then get in touch.

Are you a business that wants a single bicycle for display to represent your brand or decorate your premises? Or perhaps you want to motivate your staff out of their cars during their working day by providing a range of staff bikes?

Do you want to expand your service offering to your customers, particularly in the tourist industry where so many tourists expect bicycles to be an everyday part of their leisure time? Then we can assist in realising your vision.

Bicycles are a powerfully appealing visual item which can offer excellent brand representation as well as being a fun and environmentally friendly mode of transport.